Church Together

in Burnham

The Burnham Holy Week Trail 2021

What happened? In that week leading up to Easter, just what happened in the life of Jesus and his friends? It started with cheering crowds, shouting Hosanna and waving palm branches. It seemed to finish with the crucifixion. How did the joy of Palm Sunday turn in to betrayal and death?

The story unfolds quickly and dramatically and artists over the centuries have tried to express all the confusion, pain and suffering in many different forms.

In our time, the artist Ali Hutchinson, was commissioned to create a new series of pictures by Chester Cathedral. She painted them on ordinary doors and after the installation was removed posters of these pictures were produced. The posters were used in the first Holy Week Trail in Burnham two years ago.

Now Churches Together in Burnham are recreating the trail for this Holy Week and Easter.

It begins with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem with Jesus on a Donkey being hailed as King by cheering crowds. For three years he had been touring the country, speaking to vast crowds, healing people and feeding thousands by a miraculous sharing of bread and fish and teaching everyone about God’s love for them all.

But, during those three years, those in power were watching and waiting, hoping for an opportunity to rid themselves of this threat to their position.

The Holy Week Trail shows how their plans come to fruition.

But, although they do not know it, these enemies of Jesus are working within the greater plan, God’s plan, that will succeed with the strange events of Easter Sunday.

Follow the trail to find out just what happened.

And if you want to know more just contact

or look in the CTiB Facebook page or the web-pages or Facebook pages of any of the local churches.

Good Friday Prayer and Reflection

Join us in the garden at Burnham Baptist Church as we wonder and wander, reflecting on the happenings during the morning of Christs’ crucifixion.

Using the Gospel of John to aid our prayer and reflection, there will be socially distanced stations for prayer, reflection, and creativity.

Laminated directions/instructions will be available at each station, but we encourage you to print your own guide. This guide has space for you to record and journal your reflections from your prayer walk in the garden and is available to download and print either as an A4 version or as an A5 booklet. See below.

If possible please bring a pen or even different coloured pens to use at the stations. Limited resources will be available in case you forget or don't have anything appropriate at home.

A4 version

May be printed single or double sided

Click on the icon in the top right (black square with white box and arrow) to print.

Prayer and Reflection Guide A4.pdf

A5 version

Prints as a booklet when printed doubled sided, flipping on the short side.

Click on the icon in the top right (black square with white box and arrow) to print.

Prayer and Reflection Guide A5.pdf